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There has been a lot of teeth gnashing and name calling over the last couple of weeks. According to the media (social and national) it’s the players, the manager, the fans, Baldini, Levy and the pitches fault that Spurs are where they are. In Chris Anderson and David Sally’s book ‘The Numbers Game‘ they take […]

There have been a few articles abound at how everything that is wrong with Spurs is our chairmans fault. Despite building the best training facilities in the country and getting closer and closer to starting the build of a brand new stadium it is on the pitch that he is getting the most flak from. […]

I wrote this: I mentioned this: (If) Defoe is the lone striker. He HAS to make movements for the oncoming players and he simply does not do this enough. Defoe has good attributes for a lone striker if the ball is played to feet, he can hold up play, he can turn and beat […]

I got into football quite late. I changed primary school and my new school was football-centric. I didn’t have a team and I was pressured to choose one so I was placed in a rare situation…I had to pick a team. Liverpool were quite well supported but we were in London so that was out. […]