Summer time blues


Two weeks to go until our first game of the season against Everton and movement at the Lane has been pretty non-existent. The signing of a 40 year old keeper in Friedel and two fetuses for the future in Ceballos and Coulibaly has left the fans with razor blades centimeters from their collective wrists.

So, what’s been happening? A lot of fans seem to be confusing lack of ambition with the ability to attract the quality of player we need. With a turnover of £120m and 56% of that dedicated to wages already it’s clear that we have to keep an eye on our finances. We cannot afford a player at 100k a week and we do not have Champions League football to attract other quality players.

With one of the largest squads in the league we have to lose players somehow, we currently have too many first team players for the 25 man squad with the likes of Bale now eligible for the 25 man squad and the returning loaned players of last season looking to play football in some capacity. With our lack of billionaire owner we cannot afford to have players outside of the 25 man squad pulling in wages of 30-40k a week and the statement from the club appears to be that they have to sell these fringe players before we can bring anyone else in. While the media interprets that as an agenda to sell our best players for big money and be a selling club work from the top is that our best players aren’t for sale but that is not to say any of our mid-level players would not be allowed to go for a decent fee but there is also an issue of the wages that a player is on at our club so going to a smaller club he may have to take a wage cut, also that the player is based in London so may not want to go and live in the North so the options available are reduced to a handful of clubs.

So where do we have to look for the players we need? We are obviously gagging for a quality lone striker. Spurs have to look for a player who is young so that if we are to spend a lot of money on the transfer fee, he retains a sell on value otherwise as a club we would just be throwing money away. The player has to fit into our wage structure of which, if the media reports are correct, we pay up to about 70k pw to our top earners. The player also has to be better than what we already have, this is problem because it largely comes down to a matter of opinion especially for the fans so in ‘Arry and our scouting team we must trust.

Reading the criteria for the players we are looking at it’s easy to see why we are struggling so much to get in the players we need, we want to progress, we want to improve, we want to ‘freshen up’ the squad but we cannot stretch to compete with the teams above us who cream in money from their stadium (Manchester United, Arsenal) or are owned by Billionaires (Chelsea, Manchester City).

The case of Liverpool is interesting, with their need to recover from their fallen status they have spent big to fill in gaps they need but they have followed the criteria above, the players are young, within their wage structure and better than what they already have. Looking at the players they have signed I’m sure most Spurs fans would be unhappy with any of them arriving at the club at the fee’s paid. We are at a different stage to Liverpool, we are not trying to recover, we are trying to progress, our squad is still decent if we keep hold of our top players and it’s hard to imagine our strikers will be as poor as they were last season. Our issues last season were against the clubs in the lower positions of the league, against the teams at the top we competed and there is no reason why we cannot do the same again. Our only way forward is to invest in potential and push forward with our stadium plans to put us on an even level with the teams we want to compete with. Based on the success of the Emirates Arsenal churn in an extra £57m on match days a season (£94m to our £37m) so it is massively important that we move into a larger ground and we do all we can as a club to make that happen otherwise we will be left behind forever.

Levy contemplates....

I don’t want to sound like a Levy apologist but the important thing is the future of our club, that we exist as a club in many years to come, so that our children and our childrens children can experience the ups and downs of supporting a team who have a history and a tradition of playing the glory game like ours.

2 Responses to “Summer time blues”

  1. 1 Marcuuse

    Hey mate, love the artice, hopefully we’l pull off some deadline transfer like last year because at the moment that’s all i’m clinching to, unfortunetly.

    P.s. i’ve recently created a simular style blog at:
    Fairly new to wordpress so any suggestions would be gratefull.

    – Cheers, Marcuuse.

  1. 1 Summertime Tank In Lone

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