Luka the Modrician


I got into football quite late. I changed primary school and my new school was football-centric. I didn’t have a team and I was pressured to choose one so I was placed in a rare situation…I had to pick a team.

Liverpool were quite well supported but we were in London so that was out. My dad was a massive Arsenal fan but knowing next to nothing about football that didn’t mean anything to me and he never tried to influence my choice. Crystal Palace were the local team but Tottenham got in ahead of them and it was because of Italia 90.

I watched Italia 90 with more interest than ever, I had a completed Panini sticker album but still no football team to call my own and as the TV lit up my room it happened. Watching football as a relative amateur the dire football of the England team in Italia 90 didn’t mean much to me, I was routing for them because it was my current country but the highlights were obvious. The more games I saw the more certain elements stuck out, I was watching a player who could take on a team single handed and a striker better than anyone else around, they were Paul Gascoigne and Gary Lineker and they were Tottenham.

I never got to appreciate Hoddle play but I imagine just the existence of him at Spurs encouraged other young football fans to follow Tottenham as I did upon seeing Gazza and Lineker in that world cup. Although my timing to become a Spurs fan was awful as 10 years of nothing occurred after my first full season as a Spurs fan. Spurs had always had star quality in their ranks, Ginola, Klinsmann, Sheringham to name a few and today that player is Luka Modric.

His name is Luka...

The short playmaker from Croatian has hit his stride in the premier league and is by far and away Spurs best player, he appears to play football as if he is still in the park with his friends, taking a ball, turning with ease and gliding into the space in front of him. Every pass to him appears as though he received the ball a few seconds before as he plays it off deftly with one touch to find a teammate either close to him or yards across the pitch. He is the metronome of a very attacking Spurs team that is full of quality yet Modric rises above them all. To watch him play at Tottenham I get the same feeling as I did watching Gascoigne drift through 3 players or seeing highlights of Hoddle as he juggled the ball and turned into space leaving players kicking thin air. 21 years have past since Italia 90, generations of football fans have chosen teams since then as the Drogba’s, Henry’s and Cantona’s have lit up the premier league and grabbed the attentions of a young fan to forever follow the club their superstar plays for and for future football fans it will be seeing the like of Luka Modric, Bale and Van Der Vaart that persuade them to support Spurs. Seeing Modric play now makes me forget about times before; the Graham years, Jason Dozzell as a midfield star, Ramon Vega… just the existance of this creative genius playing for my team makes me happy I chose Spurs.

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  1. 1 Latasha

    La destra, Francesco, sono tante cose; la destra saranno i cattolici infelici della scuola pubblica (poi bisogna anche capire il perchè) ma è anche l’arroganza dell’ “io pago”(la mia amica mi ha raccontato di atteggiamenti, tra studenti, professori e presidi, che avrebbero scatenato la mia viulenza per fortuna lei è paziente).Anche la sinistra, però, è tante ciose, non te lo di3#eticarn&e82m0;

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