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With a couple of days having past since Spurs first foray into the Champions League and the knee jerking having calmed down on the various messageboads littering the internet the game against Young Boys in Switzerland has raised a few questions. For a tactical overview of the game I suggest reading: Zonal Marking Ghost […]

0-0 against a potential title challenger, if the media are to be believed, is not too bad but considering the way Spurs played then the result is a bit of a let down. The game showed two teams with totally different mindsets, Spurs willing to attack and exploiting the flanks while City played keep ball […]

The Champions League play off draw was finally made and Spurs drew BSC Young Boys from Bern in Switzerland. While the draw seems the easiest on paper having missed the likes of Sampdoria and Auxerre; BSC pose a problem which could really hamper Spurs and the problem is called 3-4-3. Against Fenerbache BSC Young Boys […]

4-5-1 explained


With alot of speculation on Spurs playing 4-5-1 I thought I would attempted to cover how the 4-5-1 works, how it is different to 4-4-2 and the key components to making the formation work. Taking the principles of the 4-5-1 firstly, these 2 things will never change, there will always be a flat back 4, […]

As pre-season comes to an end and with just over a week before the new premier league season kicks off it is a great to surprise to many, fans and the media alike that Spurs have, so far, bought no one this summer. Of course Internacional U-21 Brazilian midfielder Sandro is on his way but […]